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We take care of the perfect backdrop. Because our diverse sound insulation combines high-quality materials with effective function.

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Splitter sound insulators | BLH Lüftungstechnik


All BLH HK baffles are now available with a hygiene conformity certificate according to VDI 6022 (01/2018).

Sound insulators

Standard version

Our BLH sound insulators and splitters optimally attenuate sound in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Here, the focus of the noise is usually in the frequency range of 250 Hz.

The design and dimensions are variable and are produced according to the customer's specification. The handling from enquiry, calculation, order to delivery is carried out very flexibly. A special design is also carried out for the critical noise range of 250 Hz. The damping material used generally has a glass-silk laminated surface . It is also abrasion-resistant up to 25 m/s and offers effective protection against damage.

Sound insulators

Special version

The following special designs or agreements are possible on request:

Sound insulators

Scenery Structure & Types

Our high-quality baffles are manufactured in a frame made of sendzimir-galvanised sheet steel and absorption material as filling made of mineral wool with laminated glass silk fleece covering, building material class A1 according to DIN 4102 (non-combustible).

HKS backdrop | BLH ventilation technology

HKS backdrop

HKR backdrop | BLH ventilation technology

HKR backdrop

HVAC scenery | BLH Lüftungstechnik

HKL backdrop

base sound insulators

Plinth sound insulator variants

Plinth sound absorber standard | BLH Lüftungstechnik hennen

Standard version

Slanted base sound absorber | BLH Lüftungstechnik hennen

slanted version

Casing made of galvanised sheet steel 1.5 mm in welded design, including the built-in splitters made of non-combustible absorption material, which are protected against abrasion by flowing air by means of glass fibre fleece.


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